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Obsession The Dream

Warehouse Plymouth 26th Feb 93

I was still at Plymouth University and with Lee, we were still running 'High Life' - our own rave magazine. We were still keeping in contact with DJ Ramjack and in February, he told us that Obsession were doing a huge rave down at Plymouth Warehouse called 'The Dream' and that he could get us on the guest list. Lee went home that weekend which meant that I went down to this rave with Brad, who was also into rave music. So, we headed down to the party at The Warehouse early, as the DJ line-up was wicked. When we got there, the queue was massive, but because we were on the guest list - we walked straight in the side entrance which was nice. We made our way to the back stage area to check out the first DJ - Ratty. Ratty played some storming tunes including Tango - Future Followers before we congratulated him when he came off stage. Next up was a DJ who I hadn't really heard of - Evil Eddie Richards, who was playing his own unique style of techno which seemed to go down really well with the Obsession crowd. Next up was The Technodread again, Easygroove. Luckily, Easygroove remembered me from Fantazia Showcase and took the time to let us have photos which Brad kept.  Easygroove played his usual selection of diverse hardcore - I can't really remember what he played to be honest - we were just dancing away having a really good time.

Meanwhile, Carl Cox was meant to be up next and he was actually standing right next to me - although I didn't realise it because I'd never seen what he looked like. Carl played a wicked set of stomp techno combined with breakbeat hardcore. The question was - could it get any better ? Of course...Ellis Dee was up next and he really churned out all the anthems like D-Force - Ruff, Original Bad Boy EP etc. - by this time, me and Brad were on stage dancing in front of 1,500 ravers packed into The Warehouse - although, the MC's were getting slightly agitated by this stage at the amount of people dancing on stage. At this point, I bumped into Jody from Sublove (responsible for the massive Twisted Techno EP) , who I knew quite well because he was working at Replay Records in Bristol at the time which is where I was buying a lot of my hardcore tunes from.

The last set of the night was for DJ Sy - accompanied by MC Scratchmaster Tekno - ARGHHH. Sy absolutely rocked the party with some top 93 anthems combined with his wicked scratching. Luckily, I managed to get Scratchmaster Tekno to do a 'Big Shout To The High Life Crew' - if you manage to get the tape of DJ Sy from this event - you will hear it cut in during Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Flowers In My Garden on Side A.

We had a wicked night and I managed to go up to Sy when he finished and have a bit of a chat - he seemed really cool and said that he was only really just hitting the big time because he had been working his socks off in Nottingham, where he had been living - trying to get noticed as a DJ.

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