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Obsession Passion

Passion, The Sanctuary 2nd April 93

It would be difficult to beat their last event, such a good event as The Dream at Plymouth in February, but Obsession managed to do it.  The Warehouse saw such a good line up, the production was matching with a good sound system, lighting and although the place was packed there was still room to dance.  The Sanctuary at Milton Keynes is an excellent indoor venue used by many promoters, and many more plan to go in this year.

The main room had an overlooking balcony that give you an excellent view of the main arena, the stage was set up well with the DJ's stand being raised up high on scaffolding. There are several stages raised up around the dance floor, where dancers look down onto the crowd.

Upstairs there was a great progressive house room, also with a good line up.  The main arena gave Westbam a good reception, and was a welcome change to Breakbeat tunes and gave the night a big appeal.  The Mc's were excellent getting the crowd going although most people were managing to do that by themselves.

The Djs all played well, but there was a point where the crowd seemed to stop, Carl Cox's set was cut short as Obsession attempted to put  John Kelly on in the main arena - it had worked well at Westpoint so why not again? It didn't go down well and the crowd didn't even seem to realise the old favourite.  He was quickly taken off but if it hadn't had been tried no one would have known.   Obsession must be given a full marks for trying to make change, as they are always searching for something new.  The event was a  success but there wasn't anywhere to sit, which was the only real criticism throughout the night, if you sat on the stairs or in the foyer or near the bar you were moved on, fair enough but with no where else to go you no option but to stand or to leave.

A cool chill out room with seats would certainly have been a welcome addition.

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