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Obsessed,Plymouth Pavillion – October 14th 1995

Well for hype this was most definitely topping the bill down in the South West.  World Systems promised the first all night dance party to hit deepest Devon for what can only be described as too long.  An entire night in the company of clublands equivalent to the ‘top of the milk’ is just the medicine us country folk needed to kick into a winter of seriously obsessive stompin’.

World Systems were in control and pulled out all the stops in the main arena providing a journey through happy hardcore, techno, bouncy techno, hard techno, euro techno and jungle techno (phew, just don’t ask me to quote the technicalities of all those – I’m sure you can work out the difference between ‘techno’, ‘bouncy techno’ and ‘hard techno’ without my help!).

The line-up included the talents of national stars of the scene such as Colin Faver, Loftgroover, Easygroove, Destruction to name just a few and believe me these guys know their stuff.  Even though the arena wasn’t exactly packed sardine style, the skills of these deck doctors made sure those who like a bit of the hard stuff got what they came for.  And as for extras, there was enough to outdo a Sly Stallone movie, with monster screens showing some pretty weird and trippy animated graphics, UV dancers, 75K of earth shattering sound, but just the one lonely little laser!

Being fairly sensible the World Systems lot took the opportunity to invite the crème de la crème of the UK’s house DJ’s down to play in their own aptly named room, ‘Up For It’, where as promised the crowd were most definitely ‘Up For It’.

Unfortunately there was this slight problem with the positioning of the house area, it was actually doubling as the entrance to the hardcore arena – so this meant some rather too bright fluorescent lighting!  But I guess I was just being a tad too fussy, as the majority of people I spoke to thought they had died and gone to heaven (be it the house or hardcore version) and the place was going off like one massive A-Bomb.  But then I am not surprised with the talents of Mike C, Luvdup, Girls Together and the chick with attitude Sister Bliss, taking the house room by the throat and sending it spinning and screaming into the next millennium with the happiest hardest house set I have heard in a while.  In fact the place was still jumping like a jack rabbit when the clocks ticked around to 8.00am, but all good things come to an end and by then I must admit the old legs were feeling old, so we nipped down the local café for a quick chat with some new found friends and came up with a suggestion for the next event, put the hardcore in the back room!

On the dance front a pretty successful night, but word has it some of Plymouths residents weren’t oo impressed, but the only trouble I witnessed was that caused by the Police arresting some extremely young and fairly innocent looking people – I hope it was worth their while! 






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