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Obsession New Year 1993 - Coliseum Cornwall

The most popular night of the year for party goers around the country, so we had a fine selection of events to choose from. We were safe in the knowledge that almost anywhere you ended up on New Years Eve would have the New Year atmosphere of enjoyment and excitement, the Obsession crowd didnít let us down, electric is the word used to describe the atmosphere amongst the loyal followers and as midnight struck the only word to describe them would be explosive.

The drive down to Cornwall was as long as any journey we have encountered, the coliseum was the location for the night, and it must be said it is an excellent venue. The set up inside would do justice to any underground style promoter, with one large room and also a smaller room upstairs. A balcony looked down on to the main floor, with seats if you wished, and over to the left as you entered. Obsession had placed the DJ looking over the crowd. After chatting to a few of the DJís who have played at the venue it seems they feel it is an excellent set up, being able to look down on the crowd for response and reaction.

The sound system was sorted, as was the impressive stage, with lights and visuals assisting to blow your mind. The dance floor was very busy, only to be expected for New Years Eve, although apart from midnight on the usual countdown, there always seemed to be room to dance. Nice to see the venue wasnít so crammed you couldnít move. All the DJís on the night performed in fine style but my favourites for the night must be Easygroove, and Joey Beltram who played the last set. A loud, fast and hard end to the night, which brings us to our only complaint.

The flyer had indicated a 5.00am finish, although in fairness it did state subject to license. However, saying that, for one of the largest promoters to put on an event on New Years Eve you would expect it to be all-night.

As you arrived at the door at the beginning of the night it did inform you that due to license restrictions the party would finish at 2.00am. Obsession did run over and finish just after 3.00am, but there was a most definite air of disappointment.

As people left the venue, often with many miles to travel, they were blind to the fact the night had been one of the best - and were simply pissed off about being asked to leave so early.

Overall the event was as usual, excellent, but problems such as this should not happen. On such a prestigious night more definite times should be confirmed and advertised in advance, that way you donít have thousands of people feeling let down.

Full marks go to the Obsession crew for the rest of the night, keep up the good work in the New Year.





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