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Obsessed Street Level Club Tour part 2

10th May @ JoJo's, Stroud.

Our home for the night was JoJo's a small cub in Stroud, Gloucestershire.   The evening started of in a bad way, with the advertised start time being delayed half an hour, I later discovered this was due to Scorpio being double booked.  which as a major disappointment, but that's life I guess.  The lack of female security meant that girls weren't checked at all on entry, but a thorough search for the blokies remained.

The 5 entrance fee was extremely reasonable but unfortunately didn't attract the number of people it should have;  but having attended the previous event with Slipmatt playing a storming set, we knew the place would fill up later .  Due to the Scorpio no-show, Producer was first up.  He gave us a real hard set with some kicking tunes and as usual was giving it 100%.

Next up was Agressor, who slowed down the pace, for a gentler set, which got people dancing.  He showed us some great mixing and was able to give the crowd what it wanted.  After that another 'unknown' DJ, Shaggy took the decks.  He really got the part going with a varied and banging set, starting off with Old Skool, such as 'Some Justice' and '2 Bad Mice'.  The he rinsed out happy hardcore anthems like 'Musics So wonderful' and 'Forever Together'.   Donovan finished off the night with half an hour of quality intelligent drum n bass.   David Rowe, the promoter, had been right.   Up-and-coming DJ's are perfectly capable of playing alongside the best in the scene;  we just need organisations like Obsessed to keep giving them the opportunity.

Sam Podmore





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