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Obsession Information

On the following page you will find a short history of our company as well as pages with a comprehensive collection of our classic flyers as well as some event reviews,  photos and press releases from the events we have recently been supporting.   If you have information that you can add we would love to receive something from you.   Please get in touch.

Obsession History 1988-94

Obsessed was founded in 1988 and operated under the Obsession name.  The early years were spent servicing the small but growing demand for a different kind of party experience.

In the scene, Obsession was known as the ultimate party experience.  By the summer '93, crowds of up to 20,000 were hunting down Obsession events.  The company were the first of its type to be granted an all night license in the South West.  Obsession continued regularly filling venues like the Westpoint Exhibition Centre in Exeter, the Sanctuary in Milton Keynes, the Plymouth Pavilions, the Matchless Stadium in Read and the Que Club in Birmingham.

From day one, the company recognised that the regular followers wanted branded merchandise and recordings of the parties.

A trend followed by all the younger party organisers.

Obsessed History 1995-97

In 1995, the company relaunched as Obsessed following the departure of one of the company's founders.  New blood and a new determination to continue the success story are acknowledged by the change of name.  The changing legislative environment meant taking the party from an open air style to a more club based environment.

1996 to 97 saw the integration of Bristol's innovators in the Drum and Bass scene, with top DJs and producers such as Ronnie Size, Donovan Smith, Dazee and the Felony making regular appearances at Obsessed events at the Plymouth Warehouse, The Zone in Port Talbot and The Escape Club in Swansea.

At the same time, the Street Leven club tour took the Obsessed experience throughout the south of England.  At the time, the dance scene was fragmented, so this enabled the company to stage more smaller events for the hard core fan base.

The continuing History 1988-present day

To satisfy demand, Obsessed digitally remastered its back catalogue of DJ Tapes dating back to 1988.

This proved to be a particularly welcome service for the fans, and has influenced the rebirth in the interest in the 'Old Skool' style, attracting tape buying customers aged 16 - 35.

They clearly viewed the company as the original innovators in the genre.

Recent innovations include the launch of the Obsessed web site, and the staging of over 20 successful events.

Today, there is a massive increase in interest in the original dance music concept, Old Skool.

So what is dance music?  Obsessed!

The Obsession Events to 1994

Obsession Club (3 Jul 92) V
Obsession - Experience The Future (4Sep92)
Obsession - Third Dimension (25 Sep 92)
Obsession Club (2 Oct 92)
Obsession - Third Dimension (30 Oct 92)
Obsession - A New Dimension (6 Nov 92)
Obsession - Dance Fantasy Passion
Obsession - The Dream (26 Feb 93)
Obsession - Passion (2 Apr 93)
Obsession - Rage (Quest) (24 Apr 93)
Obsession - Concept Club (14 May 93)
Obsession - Summertime Mayhem (28May93)
Obsession - Strings Of Life (23 Jul 93)
Obsession - Freedom (25 Sep 93)
Obsession - Hyperspace (6 Aug 93)
Obsession - World Systems (20 Nov 93)
Obsession - Innovation (27 Nov 93)
Obsession - Quickening - NYE (31Dec93)
Obsession - Virtual World (27 May 94)





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