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Fantazia World Dance Groove 2 / Eclipse Old Skool UK

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Obsession Frequently asked Questions

  1. How much is postage?
  2. How quick is delivery?
  3. Some of the listing say CDR & DVDR what does this mean?
  4. How do I choose the DJs I want?
  5. Do I need to have a Paypal account in order to pay?
  6. I really want a Fantazia T-shirt & Record Bag when are they going to be available?
  7. Do all the event CDs have MCs?
  8. What is the quality like of the mix CDs?
  9. Some of the sets are split on to 2 CDs why?
  10. I have a faulty item what do I do?
  11. Do you do wholesale orders?
  12. Is there an order form for postal payments?

How much is postage?

Postage is free on all orders from the UK & Ireland.  For overseas orders we operate a single rate (no matter what the size of the order) which must be added, this varies slightly between Europe & Worldwide.   

Insurance is available as an option for all orders.

For all the rates click here

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How quick is delivery?

Orders are normally sent first class within 48 hours.    If you have any queries please email us.   Payments via cheque will be sent once they have cleared.

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Some of the listings say CDR what does this mean?

The CDR products use blank CDR discs.  These have a white printed label with Event & DJ information on.    The CDR discs will play on almost every stereo.      If after purchase you have any problems please get in touch.

We supply in this format to ensure a quick turnaround and viability as the demand for these product are low and the cost for producing full products on small runs is very high.   

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How do I choose the DJs I want?

Each DJ from an event is a separate CD.  These can be purchased individually at full price,  via the discount entire night price or via the 3, 6 or 9 offers.

If buying the offers and paying by credit card / debit via paypal,  further in to the order there is a box that allows you to write a note with the details of which DJs from which events you would like.    You can choose from any event CD on any page.

If you forget don't panic.  Send us a separate email as soon as you can with the information.  If you forget all together we will contact you.  This will delay your order until you give us a response.

If you are sending a cheque please attach a note with the DJ choices and the events.  It would be handy to include your email address and telephone number in case we have any queries.  Please us the order form provided.

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Do I need to have a Paypal account in order to pay?

You do not need to have a Paypal account in order to pay via credit or debit card.  Nor will you have to open one.  You only have to sign up for a Paypal account if you wish to receive payments yourself.

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I really want a Obsession T-shirt & record Bag when are they going to be available?

They will be out soon in a wide variety of sizes and colours.

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Do all the event CDs have MCs?

Generally yes.   These recordings are as the original tape releases so if that had an MC then so will these.

We have released some new sets from the B DAT tapes that were recorded with out the direct MC feed.  This means that there is no MC or very quiet MC.   These are marked (no MC).  We have released these as some people prefer just to listen to just the music.

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What is the quality like of the mix CDs?

Many of our sets have been taken directly from the original DAT tapes and are therefore better than the original tapes.   Where the DAT tape was not available we have taken the recording from a mint condition cassette, the CDs will sound the same as the original release.   

The recordings are live from our events and will therefore have a live sound to them, this combines the music, MC & crowd noise at different levels depending on the recording.

The CDs from other events like Perception,  Obsession & Universe,  are taken from original cassettes.  Generally the quality is very good,  but will not be as good as the Fantazia DAT conversions. 

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Some of the sets are split on to 2 CDs why?

Where the original sets are 90 minutes we have split the set into two sets of 45 minutes each this is because the maximum music on a single CD is only 80 minutes and we felt people would want to get the whole set.

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I have a faulty item what do I do?

In the rare occasions that one of your discs is faulty please send us an email with your name and address and details of the item that you have a problem with and what seems to be the matter and we will deal with it promptly.

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Do you do wholesale orders?

Yes we can supply wholesale orders for the mix CDs.  We do not do SOR.  Minimum order of 3 of each item and a total order must be in excess of 100.  Postage would normally be free.  For prices please get in touch.

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Is there an order form for postal payments?

Yes,   click here





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