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Welcome to the Obsessed site, find russian bride please enjoy looking around the site and do get in touch if you have any questions.   We don't currently have any events running but do hope to have soon.  Do look at our mail order section for a vast collection of rave mix CDs from Obsession/Obsessed as well as T-shirts and more.

New Event

Full price £10.  £15 on the door.


Info line 07802378128

Obsession Mix CD Special Offers

We are pleased to announced that we have launched some brilliant special offers for CDs sets from our past events on our mail order section.   Discounts of over 30% are on offer. 

We have also released a selection of new mix CDs from our Obsessed events that have not been available in this format before.    

History of Obsession

Founded in 1988, Obsession is one of the longest established dance event management companies.  A story of this development can be found in the history section.  Obsession run large single events, club tours throughout the UK and joint ventures with other quality, innovative organisations.   In 1995 the company changed its name to Obsessed.

Obsessed events have always attracted healthy interest from the media.  The quality of the line up, combined with the belief that the events will be well run, means there are many opportunities for positive press and PR coverage. 

The dawning of a new era:


After 12 years as an integral part of the dance music scene we have entered a new chapter in the world of dance.

To meet the growing demand in the genre of Oldskool, aswell as the ever more popular Hardcore and drum & bass/techno scene, we have put on numerous events to service these requirements.

After the success of our Oldskool/hardcore nights in 2000 at the dance academy in Plymouth we decided to take time out from events to improve the growing customer demand. This entailed the set up of a brand new Obsessed website with an online shop. This made it easier for customers to buy our legendary old skool recordings, book events and get in touch with fellow followers on the discussion forums to talk about days gone by and future events.

During this time, we linked up with our old friends Foundation to put on a series of small club nights in the midlands area catering for the dance masses, featuring DJ’s such as Easy Groove, Kenny Ken, Darren Jay, Micky Finn, Ray Keith, Donovan Smith and the legendary scratchmaster DJ Sy. Not to forget the legendary MC’s, such as the original detonator Robbie Dee and Mad P of Top Buzz fame.

Following the success of these events in the midlands in 2002/2003 and after hearing the calling of the ‘Bristol massive’ we returned to the heart of the west country at dimensions in Bristol to host another one of our famous underground events featuring more top name DJ’s, including the ever versatile Easy Groove, who has been ever present in the music scene since the mid eighties, along side midlands legends DJ Ratty and the pilgrim.

The year 2004 saw us link up with our old friends Fantazia and Bristol innovators delerium with DJ’s such as D-ice and Reality, who are still to this day a big part of the south west hardcore scene.
Following on from this, we returned to one of our favourite venues, the Brunel rooms, Swindon, Wiltshire. This was a spinning mixture of oldskool and new style hip hop including UK flavas and break beat madness. Live Mc’ing, human beat boxing and breakin’ by Smurf and guests, formerly part of the massive attack entourage.

By popular demand 2005 saw us return to the hardcore HQ at the dance academy, Plymouth, where we have always had a mammoth call for our obsessed/obsession style of underground hardcore/oldskool experience. This featured DJ’s such as Seduction, Easy Groove, Donovan Smith, Plymouth’s number 1 DJ Destruction, and not forgetting long time resident DJ Tunxy with Miss Special K and Kickback. In addition, this saw the introduction of our new resident MC Scratchy.

2005 was a busy year. It was also the beginning of our new club night X-cite. This is a series of small events throughout the South West featuring hardcore legends such as Brisk, Vibes and lively, Hixxy, Ramos & Supreme, Lee UHF, the legendary DJ Sy, Dougal, Darren Styles, and Gammer.

This also saw the emergence of new kid on the block, DJ Cruze who has now become an X-Cite resident and has since been nominated for several dance music awards, as well Sundissential resident DJ James Ellis who has played for X-Cite on several occasions.

The X-Cite events also involved collaborations with Birminham based hardcore organisation, Hypnotize and Bristol based organisation ‘Totally ‘ardcore’.

Then came the homecoming tour at Blush nightclub (formerly named trances) in Cheltenham. This is where it all started back in 1988 for the originally founded named perception, which was later to evolve in to Fantazia, God’s Kitchen, and Obsession/Obsessed. This also saw the release of the Home coming tour CD 6 pack, featuring all DJ’s from the Parties, such as DJ Styles, Sy and the all new Vibes and lively show.

At the end of 2005 Global Dance Recordings expanded their horizons with a hugely successful one off Reggae night, featuring local talent and legendary sound system loony tone, hosted by DJ Bogey. This was an exclusive one of set from DJ Bogey who was back after ten years in retirement.

Global Dance kicked off 2006 with an event celebrating 42 parties (42 –the meaning of life, the universe and everything) This saw a selection of sets featuring all the genres we’ve played throughout the years – Techno, Oldskool, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Hip hop and reggae. To mark the celebration we organised a DJ competition where the public could vote online for their favourite of ten chosen finalists. The winner was announced and played a set at the following X-Cite event.

2006 also saw Global Dance Recordings take X-Cite to our new Venue Riga, Stroud (formerly known as JoJo’s, home of the Obsessed Street level club tour).

This also saw a tribute to the brand Obsession with a reunion party featuring Brisk, Donovan Smith, The Pilgrim, The Bandit, James Ellis of Sundissential and MC’s Oggy and Scratchy.
Due to the popularity of this we organised a second tribute party featuring DJ Sy, Pilgrim resident Tunxy, DJ Cruze, Defyance, Keaty,and the Bandit (a former founder resident of Obsession) and MC Robbie Dee.
In order to commemorate this we launched a new album 4 CD pack featuring the two nights with selected DJ’s.




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